What does one get the adventurous dad?

Even before I was born, my dad was always adventuring around the world. He started climbing in Russia, and then moved on to Ukraine, the US, and beyond.

Always the daredevil, he knew how to prepare for any kind of trip. One of the first things he repeatedly reinforced in my mind was the importance of always having a thermos of tea nearby. It was repeated so often, that all of my friends and I even started to joke about it whenever packing for another trip!

Dad working Predator in Rumney, NH.


Dad doing dad things by the fire. (Never camps without a guitar!)

Naturally, when Stanley-PMI offered me the chance to gift my dad a sweet collection of their products for father’s day, I was super excited… what could be a more perfect gift for the dad who made sure never to start a drive to the mountains without a full travel mug of tea?

The ultimate Father’s Day gifts from Stanley-PMI.

The Stanley Brand set included an Adventure Stacking Pint Glass, a set of 4 Stainless Steel Shot Glasses (With a sweet green case), a One-Hand Vacuum Mug, and (my favorite…) a 64 oz. Insulated Growler.

Can’t wait to see dad’s reaction to all this gear.

I can’t wait to see my dad’s reaction when he sees all this. Though he’s always prepared to party on top of a mountain, I think he’ll be super pumped to receive some new camping-friendly gear. It’s not too flashy (he doesn’t like stuff that’s gaudy), but still looks and feels like quality construction.

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