Testing my Willpower

This week has been rough.



I’m not usually one to watch what I eat but lately it’s been at the forefront of my mind more and more. After having a delicious thanksgiving-style salad earlier in the week (involving dried cranberries, grilled turkey, butternut squash and walnuts) the rest of the week hasn’t been as successful. There were IPAs involved (my weakness!) and definitely some beef chili.

Better luck next week, I suppose?



So I’ve been pretty successful at implementing the shopping ban. I’ve even gone so far as to walk right up to my favorite store at the moment and think to myself “What do I really truly need in there? Nothing? Welp, guess it doesn’t make sense to waste my time even stepping in there!” and then continue on my merry way.

But then came the real test: those promotional emails from Uniqlo, advertising the Compact Ultra Light Down Jacket for sale for $10 at a location close to me. Everyone I talked to encouraged me to break this ban and just go for it, since I’d been eyeing this jacket for months now. I went as far as to venture to the location, before (thankfully) leaving it empty-handed. Shopping ban is still intact.



Anyone that knows me, knows I have a weakness for going to house and techno shows. Well a real heavy hitter, Seth Troxler, was in town this week. Terrence Dixon is in town this weekend as well. I’m slowly training myself out of succumbing to FOMO only to wake up the next day and think “that was an ok night…” I’ve gone all of October without going to a single event and I’m hoping to last until close to December with this, so that I can ring in my birthday month like a pro.

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