Stocking up on Spring/Summer Essentials Without Breaking the Bank

Note: thredUp has sponsored this post and provided me affiliate links and a discount code to share with you! Even though this is a sponsored post, all experiences have been accurately reflected and opinions my own.

So after decluttering and getting rid of as much stuff as my wardrobe could handle, I was able to see what was missing in order for my closet to feel complete with spring and summer coming up.

Missing from my collection were:

  • A skirt that could be dressed up or down, and made of a fabric that could handle the heat/humidity well in the summer.
  • Shorts that are more modest but still consistent with my personal style. Maybe something I could get away with wearing to work.
  • Black top that’s warm weather-friendly but not as plain as all of the basic tops I already own. Something interesting.
  • Alternative to bikini-style bathing suit that was comfortable, not too revealing, but still cute.
  • A long sleeve active top that fleece, yet still could hold up to any running or hiking that I do.
  • Active tank top that wasn’t frumpy. I love all of my climbing shirts, but sometimes it’s nice to have an option that looks…. nice.

After all of my decluttering, I wasn’t going to fill up all of that extra space with carelessly purchased stuff… these needed to be pieces that I knew 100% I would use regularly.

In the past, when I used to live in the city, I used to frequent secondhand stores whenever I felt something missing from my wardrobe. Nowadays, it’s a trek that I just can’t justify if I don’t know for a fact it’s going to be worth it. The 60 minute round-trip drive + 10 minute hunt for parking + 1 hour time spent in store was too much time in my opinion for no guaranteed results.

My items arrived in a adorable blue box. Inside was an adorable sticker that read “enjoy” holding together the cute tissue paper wrapping.

Enter thredUp.

After registering and entering my size, I was free to browse around. I opted to go straight into the activewear section to start. It took me all of a few minutes to find just the tops I needed. A teal (my favorite color!) long sleeve from Nike and a patterned tank from Under Armour. Boom. Done.

Nike Dry-Fit Long Sleeve Top and Under Armour Heat Gear Tank

Next, I figured I’d search around for some of the other pieces on my list. I quickly found a black lace top that I felt worked really well with my wardrobe. Not too out there, but not too boring.

Then a pair of black dressy shorts. It was a risky purchase but I figured if I wanted to try something new, secondhand was the way to do it.

A black maxi skirt. (We all know black is my favorite staple color to wear by now…) This was great because sometimes I want to cover my legs in the summer without being limited to just pants.

A paisley NWT one-piece bathing suit. The riskiest of all of my purchases because the last time I wore a one-piece I wasn’t even in the double digits. But I knew I needed to try it out to see if I liked it and it was perfect! Lined. Cut in a way that was cute but not too revealing. And most importantly: super comfortable! I could totally get away with jumping off rocks into the river with this!

Maurice’s Black 3/4 sleeve lace top, Lands End paisley one-piece bathing suit, H&M Dressy Shorts, Casual Corner maxi skirt

Had I gotten all this stuff at full retail price, I would have paid around $237. Instead, all of these like-new pieces ended up costing $65.94!


Wanna try thredUp? Click here and use my coupon code, RPD21, for 21% off your first order!


Since originally trying out thredUP, I’ve actually placed another order for some more spring essentials and requested a cleanout bag. Pretty pumped to see how much I can get for my rarely worn dresses and boots!

Excited to have gotten my cleanout kit!


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