Shopping Ban (Or how the lululemon Warehouse Sale reinforced my desire to purchase less…)

I went to the Boston lululemon Warehouse Sale, where all of their stuff from the “We Made Too Much” section is up for grabs on the floor, but not until you brave the line that can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours.

I was pretty underwhelmed.

My expectations were pretty low going into it, I figured that there would be no items in high demand here since it’s all primarily overstock stuff. I also knew that it’s not in my nature to be hyper-competitive when shopping. I wasn’t going to be “that guy” who was racing to beat other women to get the last item in a specific size.

Still, I’m glad that I chose to go right after work, while I was still in the area. This way I didn’t end up making a whole day of something that wouldn’t live up to the hype.

There was plenty of stock, and each size in the womens section seemed to be plentiful. But all of the black pants there had weird cuts (except for the Boyfriend Day Trip Pant, which I pulled the trigger on…) and the fabrics weren’t really my jam.

boyfriend day trip

I also managed to snag 2 pairs of shorts, one of which was a What The Sport Short, in a dark color combo that I didn’t see anywhere else in the warehouse. Though it’s close to my size, I may end up selling it anyways. The other shorts didn’t have pockets but felt like pretty good climbing shorts for me. Probably keeping them.

tri geowhat the sport

The final item I walked out with was a cheeky bikini bottom. The only reason I decided to purchase it was because I find it impossible to find bikini bottoms in my size that match all of my black swim tops.

Overall, I could have stayed there and waited for racks of restocked stuff to come out but it wasn’t really my idea of a fun time at that point so I gathered what I wanted and headed out. To my friends who texted me and asked how it was, I responded “It was just ok.”

I’m now experiencing a bit of shoppers remorse. Mostly because this sale came right on the heels of my desire to consume less. I’m reminding myself that I specifically planned to exclude activewear from my shopping ban as it is necessary for my upcoming plans regarding training for climbing. I just hope that I can be happy with what I have now and not feel the need to purchase yet more stuff.

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