Shopping Ban (For real this time.)

After the Lululemon Warehouse Sale, I decided to get all of my ducks in a row to try and do as sort of shopping ban until at least January of 2016.

I knew that I was lacking in the basic layering tee department, and also that I had a pair of black leather-looking leggings on the way from Amazon. After budgeting for, and purchasing what I needed to keep me from temptation for the next few months, I’d decided that I was ready to do this.

Ground rules:

Groceries, Toiletries, Makeup, Household Goods: OK


Food, toilet paper, the BB cream I use every day and toothpaste will obviously need to be replaced. I’m not trying to deny myself comfortable living during this time, merely cut down on the unnecessary stuff.

Holiday Shopping: OK


With the holidays coming up and both my family and my boyfriend’s family to gift for, I plan on observing past traditions and making sure everyone on my list gets something that I think they will enjoy. This is actually part of the reason for the shopping ban, timing it with the holidays so that I can focus on getting others things to enrich their lives.

Gloves: OK


I have a pair of gloves that I’ve been beating up for the past 3 years. It may be time to get a new pair. Should my current pair start to show significant signs of wear or damage, I give myself permission to replace them.

Activewear: Mostly Not OK

what the sport

The only conditions under which I give myself permission to buy activewear under is if one of my items on vinted sells and I can purchase activewear with the money I make from it. I’m definitely low on active pants but I should have enough to get me through this season.

Sweaters, Pants, Leggings, Jackets, Socks, Tees, Everyday Clothing: Not OK


I should be good right now to last me at least until halfway through winter. Maybe even beyond that. For this reason, I’ll be refusing to spend any money on everyday items. No matter how perfectly they will go with my work wardrobe, or how flattering they are, unless they are gifted to me, they will not be taking up residence inside my closet.

Shoes & Boots: Not OK


After my most recent purge, I’ve realized that I tend to buy ridiculous amounts of footwear and then use them 3 times or less before reverting back to my trusted favs. I’ll need to replace my birkenstocks for next summer, but for the upcoming months, that won’t be necessary.

There are obviously categories not listed on here, but my general rule of thumb will be this: If it’s for myself and not immediately necessary, then it’s not OK. If it’s for someone else or an experience, then it is OK.

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