My experience with the WoolPRO Scout 1/4 Zip (And a 30% discount for you!)

A couple of weeks ago, WoolPRO sent me a couple of their products in exchange for my honest review. WoolPRO boasts a collection of 100% merino wool base layers suitable for all ages. They sent my way a women’s Scout 1/4 zip, as well as a women’s Skylark.

Last weekend, I decided to take my newly adopted pup, Sabbie, to the beach for the first time. It was a windy and chilly day, so I figured it would be a perfect time to test out one of the long sleeves from WoolPRO.

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I was a little skeptical while layering up, because I wasn’t sure if the thickness of the Scout was going to be good enough to keep me warm as the single long sleeve layer underneath my fleece. I did notice right away that it was very comfortable (the zipper wasn’t stiff at all, which was a nice change from what I’m used to with these types of tops) and felt nice on my skin. Why not give it a shot?


When we got to the beach, just as expected, it was windier and colder than back home. Luckily for me, I was very comfortable in what I was wearing. (And I say this as someone who always manages to be cold.) Granted, it wasn’t a below-freezing day or anything, but it was nice to have a layer to counteract the effects of the wind chill.

After spending about 90 minutes on the beach, Sabs and I made our way back to the car. Throughout the entire walk, my upper body managed to stay at a comfortable temperature. I didn’t feel like I was overdressed, even while sitting in the car, nor did I regret my layering choices when I was actually out and about. The women’s Scout managed to keep me warm in windy conditions, but didn’t make my layering feel bulky at all.

To give the Scout a try, use code WPBA1011 on their website,

WoolPRO sent me some of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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