A Hot Summer Calls for Breathable Fabric

Aside from a few mid-70s days, it’s been a pretty brutal past couple of months. I’m not one to complain about that, though, seeing as how in New England we only really get 2 months of warm weather per year.

To cope with the unusually hot weather, we often made a day of visiting parents with pools and backyards. This way, Sabbie was able to run around and explore without needing to commit to a full hike or deal with hot pavement getting to and from the park. She even started plopping herself down in the kiddie pool to cool herself off, which was great!

The Sabs enjoying the shade underneath the table.
The Sabs enjoying the shade underneath the table.

It’s definitely not fair, however, to confine a dog to a backyard without taking any time at all to explore and see what the neighborhood animals have been up to. In order to avoid overheating the poor girl, we’ve had some early morning wake ups and post-dinner strolls.

In the mornings, especially, I find that my body’s temperature regulation is all off. I never know whether the mid-70s will mean that the littlest gust of wind will make me get goosebumps or whether I’ll work up a sweat just crossing the street briskly.

My awesome Agena long sleeve.
Caught Sabbie in a somewhat compromising position… woooops!

To keep myself comfortable, without resorting to constantly taking layers on and off, I turn to my trusty WoolPRO Agena long sleeve. (Full Disclosure – WoolPRO sent me a couple of their products to test, review, and – if I like them enough – to promote with a coupon code.)

Obviously wearing merino wool isn’t most people’s go-to for temperature regulation in the summer, but it’s made dealing with morning walks a breeze! Merino wool, as a fabric, is very breathable in general. And high-quality merino wool just feels so nice on my skin. The Agena combines both of those qualities and manages to use quality construction to look good as well.

Wanna try the Agena? Head on over to woolpro.cc and use my code – WPBA1011 – for 30% off your purchase!

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