Keeping up with my goals

I’ve definitely taken a break from here for the past month or so.

And no, it wasn’t because of feeling guilty for giving up on the goals I’d set for myself earlier. If anything, it was to focus on those goals more. Taking more trips to the rock gym leaves less time for thinking about posting. Hiking on the weekends means less time in front of my computer. (Not that I’m complaining!)


It really is true that there is a sort of domino effect when it comes to making changes. In my case, trying to shop less lead to wanting to save more money, which lead to eating healthier, which lead to being more active, which lead to an overhaul of my weekly routines.

I know it’s about to be real wintery and cold up in here (New England…) and usually around this time of year is when I get more lax about my choices. But maybe I can beat the resolution rush this year and continue moving toward my fitness and financial goals through the whole holiday season! After all, more days off means more time to be outside, right?

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