Favorite Instagram Accounts: Outdoors

I really enjoy having quality outdoor/adventure accounts show up in my feed. There are a gazillion of them out there, but a few catch my eye as I scroll every time.

1. Wilderness_Addict

Gotta start with my favorite: wilderness_addict. I’ve been following her since she was at around 3000 followers and anytime her stuff popped up on my feed, it always caught my attention. She’s now almost at a well-deserved 30k engaged followers and I’m looking forward to what she posts next!


2. JessGrambau

A photo posted by Jessica Grambau (@jessgrambau) on

An account I found through the wilderness_addict, this feed inspires me to try and make it outside more often. As someone who lives in the city, it’s important to remind myself of the world beyond my daily commute.

3. dnlkrnwn

A photo posted by Daniel Kurniawan (@dnlkrnwn) on

Not as hiking-heavy as the previous 2 accounts, but still a favorite. There’s not as much of a “get away from the world” vibe in his photos, but I really enjoy the uniform look of the feed and the creative framing of each shot.

4. mountainsxoceans

A photo posted by Matt (@mountainsxoceans) on

A fellow New Englander who happens to post a lot of photos from places that I’ve spent a lot of time in growing up. Always cool to see the locations that I remember so well through the lens of someone who actually knows what they are doing with a camera.

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