Essential Camping Gear: A Versatile Hoodie

One of my favorite things about summer is the camping! I’ve already been up north, to NH, to help my dad set up for his climbing camp, and I plan on returning again this week to relax for a few days. Though I go up there multiple times per summer, I always have to take a moment to remember the gear I always forget to pack and regret not bringing.

The basics always make it in.. the tent, the sleeping bag, the sleeping pad, some athletic clothing so that I don’t get too gross while I work up a sweat. But I’ve definitely learned my lesson about forgetting a versatile hoodie.

WoolPRO was kind enough to send me their Helios, a hoodie made of Merino wool, in exchange for my honest review. When I went up to camp to help set up a couple of weeks ago, this hoodie was exactly what I needed.


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Made of flexible, breathable, merino wool, it helped keep me comfortable as the clouds and wind caused the temperature around me to fluctuate. Rather than constantly having to take it off and put it back on, its breathability made it feel nice when the sun was out and heating up the campground, as well as when the clouds were causing the temp to drop a little bit.

Because the fit of this hoodie isn’t skintight, I was able to really help unload the supplies and put up the tarps without feeling restricted. It wasn’t too baggy either… the perfect medium to allow for movement, while not feeling bulky.

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The navy color was more my speed, but it does come in a crimson as well, for those that prefer it.

Happy camping!


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