Going Out Alone

It’s always tough to get people to understand why I like to venture out alone. This is something I try to do at least 3 times per month and usually achieve at least once, and it is beyond crucial for my sanity.

Back in college, when I was going through friend group shakeups and feeling disillusioned by the people I thought I knew, I went out on a whim to a local drum n bass night. I wasn’t into this type of music (yet) but it was the only thing going on that night that I was aware of. Still living with my parents at that point, I just needed a place to get out and be on my own so much that my desire to just go outweighed my terror at not knowing anyone there.

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Day Party Outdoors the Right Way

Summer is definitely in full swing by now, and in many Northern US cities, so are the day parties. They always seem like such a great idea when you buy your ticket, but for some, it ends up leading to a weekend full of “how did I think this was a good idea?” moments.

While I absolutely do not claim to be the day party expert, I’ve definitely figured out my own best practices for having a good time without feeling like hell the next day(s).

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Essential Camping Gear: A Versatile Hoodie

One of my favorite things about summer is the camping! I’ve already been up north, to NH, to help my dad set up for his climbing camp, and I plan on returning again this week to relax for a few days.¬†Though I go up there multiple times per summer, I always have to take a moment to remember the gear I always forget to pack and regret not bringing.

The basics always make it in.. the tent, the sleeping bag, the sleeping pad, some athletic clothing so that I don’t get too gross while I work up a sweat. But I’ve definitely learned my lesson about forgetting a versatile hoodie.

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